Exgage Inc and our Adtech technology has been acquired. Transition in progress

Exgage Data Science, Cloud, and Marketing Sciences Research

The Exgage Team contains many are 30-year experts in Data Science, Analytics, Marketing, Big Data, Machine Learning, A/I, and Agency Consulting. Our career backgrounds include enterprise marketing sciences engagements for Fortune 1000 companies. 

We are a Digital Marketing and Data Science Agency.  We develop strategy and campaigns across Digital, Social Media Marketing, AdTech, Mobile, with a strong focus on Data Science, Research, Insight, and Influence Marketing. Our team and services include experts in digital social media strategy , digital campaigns, data scientists, SCRUM Masters, developers, and influence marketing consulting. 

Our Research Lab includes Big Data Cloud Platforms as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure. Our data providers include social media, specific industry data warehouses, and public information as Census and Medicare. 

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